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Unfortunately, accidents on the job are extremely common. All too often, individuals who have been involved in job related accidents are not treated fairly and are denied the medical attention and financial compensation they are entitled to under the law. Many times, injured individuals and their families have no idea what steps to take to defend their rights and seek the benefits that they deserve. Dealing with the cumbersome judicial system can be complicated and confusing, leaving the individual feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. At a time when they should be focused on recovering, many are dealing with worry and stress caused by time off from work and lost wages. An experienced workers compensation attorney will be of huge help in those situations.

San Diego Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you’ve been injured on the job, the attorneys at the San Diego Golden State Workers Compensation are here to help. Our workers compensation and disability attorneys in San Diego County will aggressively defend your rights, and get you the medical treatment and financial compensation that you deserve.

Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers understand the complicated judicial system, and can fight for the benefits that are due to you. Our workers’ compensation attorneys also understand the stress involved in being injured on the job. Our  lawyers also understand the feelings of worry, fear and hopelessness that often plague individuals that are dealing with a workers’ compensation case, and they can help you in filing a claim.

San Diego Work Comp Attorney

If you are injured, it is important to act quickly to protect your rights. The state of California has strict limits on the time you have to report your injury and file a workers’ compensation claim. If you have been injured at work, call a legal professional specializing in work injuries at the San Diego Golden State Workers Compensation immediately. If Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Compensation Act applies to you, reach out to our San Diego Longshore Lawyers. Our work comp lawyers can help you navigate the confusing legal system and get the benefits that you are entitled to. Call us at 619.415.0097 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our work injury attorneys in San Diego.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

When it comes to filing workers’ compensation claims, you need a knowledgeable and professional attorney on your side. Any situation where you have an injury or other problem stemming from your work has enough stress already. The court system, negotiations with insurance companies, and other aspects of workers comp present unique challenges that are specific to every situation.

As easy as it was to get injured on the job, it is equally easy to run into extra trouble when dealing with the workers compensation system. The insurance company who handles your employer’s policy has specific rules and recommendations they must follow. They also have a lot of attorneys on their side trying to minimize the amount of payment they have to give you.

Level the playing field and get an attorney on your side to stand up for your rights and go after everything you deserve.

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Help to Navigate Administrative Hearings

Although workers compensation hearings are called just that, they do happen in a courtroom in front of a judge just like an ordinary trial. This can feel quite overwhelming to a person like you who is not experienced in legal matters. It becomes even more difficult when you are in pain, distress, or struggle with other issues related to the injury.

No one should walk into a courtroom or an administrative hearing alone. You cannot expect yourself to know what to say or do in front of your employer’s and their insurance company’s legal representation. Workers compensation hearings require actual evidence and testimony to make a decision in your favor. Any mistakes can leave you with less than you deserve or absolutely nothing.

Make the right choice from the start contact an excellent attorney group that specializes in workers compensation and other legal fields. Call right away to set up a consultation or appointment to cover everything you need to know about a future administrative hearing or court date. Let us help you through this difficult time.

Understanding Complex Workers Compensation Terminology

You may have joked about “legalese” at one time or another in your life. It is true that some of the terminology and jargon that attorneys, judges, and the court system use is quite unique and specific. It can also be confusing to people who do not have a law degree. In workers compensation cases, you have the added difficulty of reading medical reports, which have specific terms all their own.

It takes a lot of education and ask variance to understand legal terminology and how to check medical reports for errors or inaccuracies. This represents a very good reason why you need a competent attorney on your side. They can find details in the paperwork that you would not notice. This understanding helps to minimize the chance of the opposition’s legal team using words with intent to confuse you and leave you with less compensation than you deserve.

Our legal team understands the workers compensation process, the full range of terminology used in the paperwork, and also the potential tricks that employers and insurance companies try in order to find loopholes that make their payouts smaller.

From your first filing document to the final court decision, your expert attorney will guide you through the entire process. They will make sure that you understand every piece of paperwork, the depositions, and their meaning so you can make informed decisions that benefit you.

We believe that the top goal of any workers compensation attorney is to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you. Also, we always strive to get the best results possible. A large part of this process involves fostering understanding of every step along the way and legal term used in the extensive collection of documentation necessary to process a claim.

Contact us today for a free consultation about your workers compensation case. In this stressful time, let us help you navigate the court system successfully.

Workers’ Compensation

Hire the best attorney to protect your rights in workers compensation cases. Our legal team exist to help every client to the best of our abilities. We do not simply react to the actions of your employer or insurance companies. Instead, we propel the entire process forward as quickly as possible without sacrificing any chance of getting a positive outcome.

We know that medical care, financial compensation, and a return to normalcy as soon as possible are some of your most important goals. Our job is to help make that all possible after you have sustained some type of injury at your workplace.

The entire process begins with getting an accurate and complete medical report that outlines your injuries, illnesses, or other physical or emotional results of the trauma experienced at work. We will work with the employer’s insurance company to understand the policy better, locate the best possible position for you who is covered by the insurance, and handle everything from communication to paperwork.

From the initial doctor’s appointment, make sure you give 100% complete and honest information about the injuries you received and how they affect both your ability to work and your everyday life. Part of the attorney’s responsibility is to document this information clearly and in the appropriate format to work with the workers compensation claim.

Then, your lawyer will file the claim correctly to start the compensation case. During every part of the entire process, we recommend and monitor all necessary medical treatment so you can recover as well as possible from your injuries or illnesses. This can include doctor’s office visits, therapy appointments, surgery, treatments and medications for repetitive injuries or pain, and so much more. We believe that you should get all of the care you deserve to recover.

Our law firm stands ready to represent you in any workers compensation case. If you still need to file a claim, we can get the process started. If your claim was denied, we can help you file an appeal or show up at your hearing to provide support and legal counsel.

Handling the Insurance Companies

Always remember that the first goal of your employer’s insurance company is to save as much money as possible. They would rather not pay you anything for an injury or other medical problem even if the workplace was responsible for it. They are under no automatic obligation to provide monetary compensation or settle a case if they do not want to. They are legally allowed to raise objections and actively fight against your claims.

All of these possibilities present a considerable problem if you attempt to handle the workers compensation case on your own. After becoming injured when you are in pain and distress, the last thing you need to worry about is standing up for yourself at an administrative hearing or going against professional attorneys representing the insurance company.

We can help alleviate much of that strain and worry. With our experience and record of success, we will stand by your side to provide all the legal assistance possible during this troubling time. Our goal is maximum compensation allowed by law that is appropriate for your particular case. We will work by your side to get the best possible outcome so you can heal and return to a more positive life as soon as possible.

Disability Benefits for Injured Employees

Besides the physical pain and emotional distress, if you are injured on the job, financial matters may be at the top of the list of things to worry about. You should know that injured employees are eligible for temporary disability benefits in most cases. These apply to anyone who is unable to work or earn as expected for a limited amount of time. Permanent disability benefits help those who have received in life-changing injury or diagnosis that prevents them from continuing on their expected career path.

Certain rules apply for each of these types of disability payments. This is another way that a qualified attorney can help you receive everything due to you. Workers compensation involves many different facets of the court system, insurance, and even governmental agencies. You need a law team who can navigate these tricky waters and fight for what you deserve.

If you are the immediate family member of a person who died while performing work duties of any kind, you need an attorney to help you file for death benefits through the workers compensation policy. In this difficult time, you need the right legal support to help you continue on with less financial stress and hardship.

The Legal Experience to Solve Problems

The benefits you receive from hiring a specialized workers compensation attorney give you so much more than a potentially large financial settlement. These cases may take quite a bit of time and involve in a lot of potential confusion and strain. When you choose a legal team who has been practicing specifically in the workers comp field for so many years, you can feel more confident in a positive outcome.

Our experience allows us to give you necessary information about the overall compensation process and what you deserve when it comes to medical care and financial benefits. Do not worry about speaking with your employer or insurance representatives about your case. That is what your lawyer is for. Also, if you return to work and face retaliation or any issues related to your ability to do your job, we stand ready to counter these problems and make sure that your employer takes responsibility for any bad treatment.

We are on your side, and people fight for your rights. Pick up your phone, and give us a call today to schedule a free consultation. You will meet directly with an attorney who can help you start to make sense of the entire workers compensation process.


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