Hand Injuries

Hand Injury Lawyer in San Diego

Injuries to the hand or wrist are common work related injuries. They may be the result of repetitive and strenuous movements over a long period of time, or they may have been caused by a sudden accident on the job. Even if your recent personal injury occurred off the job, chances are that it greatly impacts your ability to carry out the duties of your job. Hand injuries affect daily activities in a big way, and healing from those injuries is often difficult.

If you have sustained a work-related injury to the hand or wrist due to operating a motorcycle, or any similar injury that might hinder your job performance, then you might need to reach out to the Golden State Workers Compensation and our sought-after motorcycle auto accidents lawyers in San Diego to discuss your case.

Hand Injury Attorney in San Diego

If you have suffered a hand injury at work or in an accident, the leading San Diego’s workers compensation lawyers at the Golden State Workers Compensation can help you get the monetary workers compensation and medical care you deserve. Call us today at 619.415.0097 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation about your hand injury case.