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Back injuries, neck injuries, head injuries and spinal cord injuries can happen in an instant, yet can shatter life as you know it. Serious trauma to the head, neck or back usually results in serious personal injury, or even death. If you experienced such an injury, our experienced Back & Neck Injuries attorney will assist you to get the compensation you deserve.

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Injuries to the back, neck, head, brain and spinal cord can be caused by many things. Often, these types of injuries are a result of major trauma to the head, neck or back from falls, car accidents, or sports injuries. They can also be caused by violence, such as shootings or stabbings. An important distinction to make about brain and spinal cord injuries is that they are caused by trauma rather than brought on by disease.

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Any injury you sustain on the job can cause considerable pain and long-term effects that may affect your quality of life. Two of the most potentially damaging and unfortunately common types of injuries are to your back and neck. If you suffer from spinal pain or damage due to a specific event or ongoing strain, you may be entitled to medical care and financial compensation under workers compensation laws in California. This can also include temporary disability payments that give you a percentage of your paycheck even if you are currently unable to work.

It seems like getting time off, medical care, and financial health for a work-related injury should not involve so much paperwork, time, and struggle. Unfortunately, workers compensation rules in the state have a high degree of complexity and many different processes you have to go through in exactly the right way to get what you deserve. It not only includes you and your doctor, but also your employer, their insurance company, and the company’s medical team, too.

With all this complexity, it makes sense to have a great attorney standing by your side. When you have help with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of the workers compensation process, you can feel much more confident you will get a positive outcome. Everyone deserves help, and we stand ready to provide just that from the initial claim for it back or neck injury all the way through the final appeal if necessary.

Workplace Injuries to Your Back and Neck

Out of all the different types of injuries you can get at work, damage to your spine has the most potential to cause long-term problems. Back and neck pain hurts an awful lot, may cause temporary or permanent disability, can affect your ability to work, get around comfortably, or even stand, and often require ongoing medical treatment. The company’s insurance policy holder, their doctors, and the position you know and trust may disagree about the injury itself or the treatment plan necessary. This is another reason to get a great lawyer from the start.

Consider these following examples of back and neck workplace-related injuries:

  • An office worker with a chair, desk, or computer monitor set up at the wrong height can experience severe neck pain due to disc damage and repetitive positioning.
  • A medical assistant responsible for lifting and transferring patients may develop spinal problems due to lack of assisting lifts or other equipment.
  • Any employee who must lift heavy loads or equipment on a regular basis has a higher chance of developing neck and back injuries and damage.
  • A construction worker may fall off scaffolding or be struck by a falling object and sustain severe damage to their spinal column.

Whether these examples sound like the type of injury you have received or not, you still need a competent attorney to handle your workers compensation case. If you have back and neck problems and pain due to your job, you deserve the opportunity to seek out compensation with the help of legal counsel.

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There are also serious emotional repercussions. It is difficult to watch someone you love go down the long and difficult road to recovery, especially when you know that they may never be the same again. Feelings of confusion, depression, fear and hopelessness often overtake the family members of those suffering from these types of serious injuries.

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If you have a loved one who has been the victim of a serious back, head, neck, brain or spinal cord injury, reach out to a reputable workers compensation attorney in San Diego. Golden State Workers Compensation can help you through this confusing and difficult time. Call us at 619.415.0097 today to discuss your case with our specialized back & neck Injuries attorney and get clear answers to the next steps to take to getting your life back on track.

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