Carpal Tunnel Injury

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Attorney in San Diego

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is an extremely painful and progressive condition that affects many workers. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is a repetitive stress injury that occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm to the hand, is compressed at the wrist. Although most prevalent among office workers who use computers on a daily basis, carpel tunnel syndrome is also common condition for equipment operators and others who engage in repetitive tasks during their daily work.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Lawyer in San Diego

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include pain, burning, tingling, numbness or weakness in the fingers, hand or wrist. Pain and tingling often radiate up the arm, and many people also experience sharp or sudden pain in the forearm. These painful symptoms occur most commonly in the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger. The little finger is controlled by a different nerve, so it is usually not affected by carpel tunnel syndrome.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Attorneys in San Diego

The median nerve runs from the forearm through the wrist to the hand. It controls sensations in the palm side of the thumb and fingers, and sends impulses to the muscles that allow the thumb and fingers to move. The median nerve runs through the carpal tunnel, a small tube made of ligament and bones at the base of the hand.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Lawyers in San Diego

Repetitive movements of the hand and wrist (specifically if the wrist is bent, making the hands lower than the wrist) often cause swelling and thickening of the tendons, which in turn causes narrowing of the carpel tunnel. This puts pressure on the median nerve, resulting in tingling, numbness and pain in the hand and wrist, and often radiating up the forearm.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very serious and progressive condition. If left untreated, it usually gets worse over time. If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s important to get medical treatment right away so you can begin your recovery.

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