Delayed Cases

Delayed Case Attorney in San Diego

When dealing with a workers’ compensation case or a personal injury case, time is of the essence. The California legal system requires the injured party to act quickly to report injuries and pursue compensation from the responsible party. Any delay in reporting a work related injury from construction accidents, or pursuing compensation from the party responsible for your injury, could result in a costly delay for your case.

Delayed Case Lawyer in San Diego

Often times, however, it is difficult for an injury victim to respond quickly. You may be unsure of what to do, or simply so focused on recovering from the physical and mental stresses that come with personal injury that you fail to take the IMR necessary actions to move your case along. Delays in cases are also often caused when an employer or insurance claims manager has not acted in a timely manner.

Delayed Case Attorneys in San Diego

If your workers’ compensation or personal injury case has been delayed or stalled for any reason, a renowned workers compensation attorney group can help. From participating RSD lawyers in San Diego to San Diego stress lawyers to chemical exposure attorneys in San Diego, we have the vast experience and expertise that you need to pursue your rights. Don’t waste another moment that can delay your case even further! Call us today at 619-798-6487 to discuss your case and see how Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group can help get your delayed case back on track so you can get the financial compensation you deserve.