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What To Do If You Have Been Injured On The Job In Lemon Grove? If you sustained an injury at a work facility, including a construction site, located in Lemon Grove, it’s highly important that you become aware of your rights. California law dictates that employers must have what’s known as ‘workers compensation insurance’, even if they only have one single employee. The program was established to provide cash benefits as well as medical care to individuals who sustained an injury or became ill as a result of their work-related activities. Due to the fact that employers’ are required to pay for this type of insurance, the employee need not contribute to the expenses associated with compensation. If you are in need of aggressive representation, a Lemon Grove workers compensation lawyer that is a member of the American Bar Association and the State Bar of California can help you ASAP.

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I Sustained An Injury Or Illness At My Job, What Should Be My Next Move?

1) First Aid
The first move you should make is to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If the injury is severe do not hesitate to call 911 such as sustaining a deep wound or gradual loss of hearing due to loud noises at the work environment for example. However, if the injury is not severe such as a sprained ankle, ensure that you seek first aid as soon as possible. The health care provider that you use, must be authorized by California’s Workers’ Compensation Board, with the exception of an emergency scenario.

2) Advise
After you have sought medical treatment, notify your manager about the injury as well as the circumstances that lead up to said illness or injury as soon as you can. If you fail to notify your employer within a time span of 30 days, chances are that you’ll lose your right to receive benefits from the workers’ compensation program. In the event you sustained an occupational disease you need to make sure that you advise your manager about this, within 2 years, of which the illness manifested itself, or within a time span of two years from which, you became aware that the illness was occupational.

3) Complete A Claim Form
Once you have notified your employer they will provide you with a claim form. You’ll need to complete and return said claim form within 30 days or else you run the risk of having your claim delayed or denied. However, you’ll need to return this form to your employer in person or via mail if your injury/illness does not permit this. If you chose the mail route, ensure that you utilize ‘Certified Mail’ with the option of requiring a signature, as to which you can use as prove that you did in fact send the mail at a specific time and that it was also received on a specific date at a specific time.

Lemon Grove Workers Compensation Claims

Accepted Claims
If the claims administrator for the insurance accepts your claim following an IMR, you will be eligible to receive one or more of the following benefits:

* Total Permanent Disability (TPD) – If you have been deemed of having a permanent 100% disability, you will receive financial compensation for life.

* Death benefits – If you die as a result of said illness or injury, your dependent such as your spouse, child or elderly parent, is entitled to receive $250,000.

* Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) – If you have been deemed of having permanent disability that is less than 100% such as 20% or 99.7% disability, you will receive permanent disability advances which are calculated on how disabled you have become as a result of said illness or injury.

* Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) – If you have been deemed of having a temporary partial disability – such as an instance where your doctor proclaims that you can only work for X amount of hours instead of your usual hours – you are entitled to receive 2/3 of wages that you lost as a result of such.

* Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits (SJDB) – If you reached maximum medical improvement and your employer cannot find a suitable position for you in retrospect to the after effects of your injury such as hearing loss for example, you are entitled to receive a voucher in the amount of $6,000 for retraining and skill enhancement purposes.

Delayed Claims
Oftentimes a claim will be delayed as a result of a pending investigation. Unfortunately however, this can occur as a result of the insurance carrier’s unethical practices. For example, they may delay a claim on the basis of “a failure to fill out all areas of the form.” This is why so many experts proclaim that you should complete the form with the supervision of a workers compensation lawyer Lemon Grove. If your claim has been denied call a work comp attorney in Lemon Grove today for immediate assistance.

Denied Claims
Unfortunately, as is the case with delayed claims, it’s not uncommon for claims administrators to scrutinize all aspects of the individual’s claim to deny that the injury occurred at the job site, or that the employee even works at said job site. However, if you receive a denial letter which will explain why the claim was denied, you can rectify this with the assistance of a workers compensation attorney Lemon Grove. Denied claim? No good! Get the compensation you deserve and let a Lemon Grove Workers Compensation Lawyer assist you in getting the settlement you deserve.

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Experience Attorneys Who Are Aware Of Insurance Bad Faith!

One of the benefits that are associated with using an attorney is that they are well aware of the status and recurrent theme of the disdainful decisions that insurance carriers conduct in regard to accepting said claims in a timely manner. As such, when you elect to work with a workers compensation lawyer Lemon Grove is proud to call its own, the insurance company will be well aware of the fact that if the claim isn’t accepted promptly. They will be fully aware that they run the risk of having said workers compensation lawyer in Lemon Grove bring them to court on the basis of what’s known as ‘insurance bad faith’ or in essence, the willingness of an insurance company to delay or deny said claim in an effort to to intentionally deny or delay benefits that are rightfully entitle to said injured worker. A Lemon Grove Workers Compensation Lawyer is the best chance in helping you get the medical attention you deserve, on-time, with no delays. Call 619.415.0097 so our trusted team of legal professionals could get started working on your case today!

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