What You Should Do After A Work-Related Injury

If you have suffered an injury while performing your work-related duties, it is best to seek help from experienced compensation attorneys as soon as possible. Of course, it is not likely you will have a legal professional hired before you sustain an injury, so this article will tell you about the very first steps you should take if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Let your manager know

The very first thing you should do right away is inform your employer or supervisor of your injury. You could also try to remember any witnesses that saw you getting injured, if applicable. If there is any evidence, collect it and take some photos of the injury site. However, you may be prevented from taking photos due to confidentiality or security restrictions.

Once you report the injury, your supervisor or employer should provide you with a form called DWC-1, which is a form for making a workers’ compensation claim in California. In the case you are not given this form, remember that you have the right to demand it.

One part of the form is filled by you and the other by your employer. Ask your employer to fill out their portion and ask to get one copy of the filled out claim.

Making the workers’ compensation claim

When you are completing the claim, be careful to list all the injured body parts. If something falls on your shoulder, but it actually causes an injury to your back, you should write both the shoulder and the back as injured body parts.

The claim can be amended later on, but when you do it initially it’s better to include as much as you can rather than leave stuff out. This is not to say you should make false statements in your claim, but it’s better to include all the body parts that were part of the injury. In the end, you will be examined by a doctor to establish the injuries and their severity.

Don’t be afraid to report the injury

A surprising number of workers choose not to report their injury because they fear termination. However, it is highly unlikely your employer will terminate you if you report your work-related injury, primarily because that’s against the law and such a move would risk them a lawsuit.

Make your compensation claim as soon as possible, so that you don’t jeopardize the whole process by reporting the injury (too) late.

Have an experienced WC lawyer protect your rights

The help of an experienced work compensation attorney is invaluable when it comes to asserting and protecting your rights as a worker. If you have experienced an injury in the workplace and you are now searching for compensation attorneys in San Diego, make sure you consider Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group. Our lawyers are not only experienced, but also aggressive and ethical and you only pay us if you win. We are always ready to have a free case review with you with no obligation to hire us. Call Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group now and ensure your rights are protected!