How Does Workers Comp Lawyer Get Paid?

Your workplace injury has naturally caught you off guard. Amid all the confusion, you are uncertain about your best course of action. It is of essence not to let this abrupt turn of events get the better of you. 

The clock is ticking and the sooner you hire a work comp lawyer, the better. Enter the aggressive and experienced lawyers from the Workers Compensation Attorney Group’s San Diego team. 

But how will your workers’ compensation lawyer in San Diego get paid? Read on to find out how these matters are resolved here at the Workers Compensation Attorney Group.

Will I be charged for consultation regarding my workers’ compensation claim?

The sooner you find a competent work comp attorney, the higher the likelihood that your claim will be accepted. It all starts with setting up a free consultation during which we will give you an in-depth explanation of the process of filing for workers compensation. 

Having our workers’ compensation attorney step in as soon as possible is the only way to ensure you have taken all the necessary steps in the process of filing your workers’ compensation claim. Drawing on their vast experience, our attorneys will go to any length to secure you receive the benefits you are legally entitled to. 

If a workers compensation claim is denied who pays the attorney?

Navigating through the complex system of workers compensation is difficult and you certainly need the help of our experienced professionals. Do not worry about paying for your consultation as it comes free of charge. The same goes for our estimate of your case. What’s more, we will not charge you for our services until we have succeeded in securing your workers’ compensation.

If your claim has already been denied, there is no cause for alarm. As mentioned above, we will never charge you for any of our services unless we have managed to win your case. In fact, our lawyers who specialize in claim denial cases can swiftly take over and start fighting for your compensation and benefits.

Furthermore, a claim denial is no reason to give up. If we charged workers for representing them despite having failed to win their cases, the employers and insurance companies will have won. This would defeat the purpose of the workers’ compensation system. 

What is the average attorney fee for workers compensation claim?

Although it is possible to file for workers compensation on your own, rest assured that your employer’s insurance company will stop at nothing to justify a denial of your claim. You should not take any chances.

Although your concern regarding the attorney fee is perfectly understandable, you have no reason to worry about it with us by your side. Not only will you not have to pay our fee until your case has been resolved, but you won’t even have to pay for the consultation and estimate of your case.

As for the average attorney fee, it really depends on how serious your workplace injury is and the amount you are entitled to on account of lost wages. We will go over all the specifics once we meet in person to discuss your case.

Your experienced, aggressive & ethical workers compensation lawyer in San Diego

We pride ourselves on our success rate. Our effective assistance with numerous workers compensation claims has allowed us to gain the necessary experience to tackle a diverse variety of workers compensation cases. No aspect of California’s workers’ compensation system is a mystery to us, as certified by the State Bar of California.  

While we work on your claim, take the time to take a tour of the splendid Mission Bay and get your mind off things. Rest assured we will not rest until your claim has been resolved to your advantage.