Why Should I Hire a Longshore Lawyer?

If you are working in any of the land-based maritime occupations, you may, at some point or another, find yourself in a situation where you need a specialized longshore lawyer. When and if that time comes, you can reach out to Workers Compensation Attorney Group for expert advice and assistance with your longshore claim

We will ensure that the process goes smoothly so that you can start receiving your benefits as soon as possible. Read on to see why you need a competent and aggressive longshore lawyer by your side throughout the process.

What is a longshore claim?

A longshore claim is a claim filed by longshoremen and harbor workers who are not crewmembers on a ship, boat or another type of vessel for injuries on the job. 

What does a longshore worker do?

The job of longshoremen is to load and unload ships, which, at first glance, may seem pretty straightforward. But there is more to it than meets the eye. What’s more, a longshore worker has a vital part to play in the maritime industry

Professional longshore workers take a well-thought-out, strategic approach to their work. To this day, the work of a longshore worker is intense and requires well-coordinated teamwork, careful weight management and balancing. On top of that, longshore workers assume serious risks as part of their job.

Adding to the risk is the fact that there is always large and heavy equipment and containers involved. Even the smallest mistake could lead to serious personal injury or even death.

How do longshoremen and seamen differ?

Longshore workers perform physical labor (loading and unloading ship cargo) and operate heavy machinery near the seashore, in commercial ports and harbors.

Other maritime employees included in this category include truck drivers who haul away shipping containers and any civilians working in military bases (protected by the Defense Base Act). 

Seamen are members of a crew who must perform a significant amount of their work scope on a vessel. This includes part-time seamen. In order to qualify as a part-time seaman, one would have to spend at least 30% of time working on a vessel. Seamen have the Jones Act at their disposal in case of work-related injuries.

Are longshoremen federal employees?

Although longshoremen are not necessarily federal employees, federal workers compensation law applies to all longshore claims. There is also a specialized federal District of Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation, part of the US Department of Labor. The District’s mission is to ensure injured maritime employees get coverage and receive benefits they are entitled to, as well as to help them resolve any disputes and provide them with technical assistance.

A San Diego longshore lawyer you can trust through and through

Here at Workers Compensation Attorney Group, we go above and beyond to ensure you file for your benefits in a timely manner and start collecting as soon as possible. You can rely on our highly competent team to assist you with the claim filing process, be it a longshore claim, a Jones Act claim or a standard workers compensation claim, from start to finish. You can find us here in San Diego, home to the majestic San Diego Bay, as well as in Chula Vista.