How Do I Find a Competent Disability Lawyer?

Injuries may result in short- and long-term consequences, from loss of wages to temporary or permanent disability. There is even a subcategory: temporary partial disability, if the injury has resulted in reduced wages and a diminished capacity to work during the recovery period. 

If this has happened to you, it is probably time to consider hiring a competent disability lawyer in San Diego.  Here at Workers Compensation Attorney Group San Diego, we have a wide range of attorneys, some of which focus exclusively on disability claims. They have the competence and experience in dealing with what you are going through right now. They will fight and negotiate aggressively on your behalf. 

If the time has come to hire one of our disability lawyers, read on.

How to find a disability lawyer?

A huge city like San Diego has so much to offer. It is for this reason that finding a skilled and experienced San Diego disability lawyer seems easy enough. However, it may be more difficult than that, mainly because so many lawyers advertise as having a high success rate in helping clients collect benefits they are entitled to. 

But how do you know whom to trust? How do you know that they will not try to take advantage of your current state of despair or your lack of experience with the workers’ compensation system, state and federal laws, the employer’s legal team or insurance company? If you have these or similar concerns, it is understandable. But such scenarios are out of the question if you work with reputable lawyers, recognized by trusted legal associations. 

Call us or visit one of our offices. We offer free, private initial consultation with a legal professional specializing in disability claims, which includes a case evaluation process that is both time-efficient and thorough. Our disability lawyers have helped numerous clients receive their benefits. They can help you too.

What to say during a phone interview with a disability lawyer?

When you give us a call, you only need to give us the basic facts about the situation you are in. This will help us decide whether you qualify for the federal disability benefits program of the SSA (Social Security Administration), other disability benefits or workers compensation. 

We will then determine what your next step should be. Although we can perform a preliminary evaluation and reach a preliminary decision by interviewing you over the phone, we prefer an in-depth approach. This is why we will perform a more thorough case evaluation upon further insight into your documentation and after receiving other relevant information. 

This way, we can determine with a higher degree of certainty whether you have a good case and good chances of collecting your benefits.

How to avoid common mistakes when filing for benefits?

We have seen it happen: inexperienced clients reaching out to unethical disability lawyers and receiving none of the benefits they were entitled to. This often happens because people outside of the legal profession are easily misled or led to think that the process of obtaining benefits will be smooth and simple.

This is seldom the case. Just like the workers’ compensation system, disability claims are a complex practice area that is difficult to navigate. It takes years of education, expertise and experience to achieve a high success rate. In this respect, you can have complete confidence in our group’s professionals.

We’ll introduce you to a competent disability lawyer in San Diego

If you have suffered a workplace injury, had an accident or suffer from an illness, you might be entitled to receive benefits for the resulting disability. If you have made the maximum medical improvement possible and a doctor certifies that further treatment is futile, we can help you pursue the maximum benefits. 

Our competent lawyers focusing exclusively on disability claims can help you claim your rights. Get a good head start today! Reach out to Workers Compensation Attorney Group San Diego today for a free-of-charge consultation.