How Can a Disability Attorney Help Me?

Hiring a disability attorney in San Diego, CA may be the only step you can take so as to avoid having your case denied. San Diego’s highly competent disability attorneys have extensive experience with cases similar to yours. They know what steps you should take in order to pursue your rights.

You probably understand by now why you should hire an attorney specializing in disability claims. For this reason, finding a reputable attorney should be your very first step after an injury or disease that has led or has the potential to lead to a disability. 

How does hiring a disability lawyer work?

The Social Security Administration may award two types of disability benefits: SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) benefits. The main difference is the financial eligibility criteria. SSI benefits are available to workers with a sufficient number of work credits, whereas SSDI is available to individuals with low income who either have no work history or have an insufficient number of work credits. 

Because you have to meet various criteria in order to be awarded benefits, your disability lawyer will work under a contingency fee.

Can I apply for disability benefits on my own?

Although you can certainly try, here is a fair warning: it seldom works. Most cases get turned down right away. In order to understand how much an attorney can help your disability claim, all you need to do is take a look at the grim statistics. Only about 30 percent of the cases are approved right away, which forces the claimants to either give up or go through the daunting disability appeal process.

There are many reasons why the majority of cases get denied, with the following being most prominent:

  • lack of solid medical evidence, 
  • ignoring or not following treatment
  • prior denials,
  • failure to communicate and cooperate with the Social Security office,
  • high income (only in case of SSI benefits).

An important thing to understand that just because your disability claim was denied does not mean that you don’t have a disability. The system is designed so as to award benefits to the disabled, yes, but due to the high number of disability claims that are not, in fact, legitimate, you might be wronged. It is your attorney’s job to prove that you do and that you are entitled to disability benefits on account of that.

Can I afford to pay a disability lawyer?

One of the reasons why many people are reluctant to hire an attorney is that it sounds intimidating. Some expect that things will work out on their own and become resolved on their own. Others are afraid of the potential costs, especially if they already have limited means on account of their disability. To make matters worse, the recovery may seem unlikely or uncertain and the same applies to the duration of the recovery period.

When you reach out to Workers Compensation Attorney Group San Diego, you can set your financial worries aside. We will not charge you for the case evaluation which will help you get a clear picture of your odds at winning the case. Likewise, we will work under a contingency fee, meaning we will not charge you unless we win your case.

Who is a good disability attorney in San Diego with a good track record?

As a large group of experienced, competent attorneys practicing in various areas, Workers Compensation Attorney Group San Diego, with three offices in San Diego County, one in Chula Vista and two in San Diego itself, might be just what you are looking for. 

We can match you with an aggressive disability attorney in San Diego, CA, or, if necessary, one of our equally aggressive attorneys specializing in other areas. For instance, a delayed case attorney or a denied case attorney if you were rejected in the past. Either way, we will fight for you. Give us a call today and schedule your free initial consultation.